Susan Marque – Incurable Eczema

Susan Marque

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Susan Marque - March 29, 2010
Monday, March 29, 2010, 8pm-9pm EST (5pm-6pm PST)
Featured Guest: Susan Marque
Hosted by: Phiya Kushi

Susan Marque’s little case of childhood eczema became the worst case that her doctors had ever seen. Cortisone was the medical solution and when it didn’t work topically they gave her pills along with oatmeal baths, wrapping her in saran wrap or strapping her down to a bed so she wouldn’t scratch. By the time she reached her twenties the severity of her rashes weakened her immune system and twice she nearly died from pneumonia and once from mono. Common everyday ailments became potentially lethal to her. Unable to continue college for health reasons, she traveled abroad and stumbled on a solution. While in London, she was introduced to the idea and power of healing through food. Within two weeks of changing her diet Susan’s lifelong eczema began to clear up. Having discovered how to manage her health and life by eating a macrobiotic diet of whole natural foods, Susan became a Food and Life Coach and now professionally guides individuals on their healing journey

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