Gayle Stolove – Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Gayle Stolove

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Gayle Stolove - Stage IV Breast Cancer
Sunday, May 9, 2010, 3pm-4pm EST (12pm-1pm PST)
Featured Guest: Gayle Stolove
Hosted by: Phiya Kushi

Gayle Stolove discovered a prominent lump in the upper and outer portion of her left breast in 1994 and didn’t have it checked. She was 37 years old. Her grandmother died of breast cancer at a young age so when she first felt the lump she knew what it was. Consumed by fear, she so desperately wanted for it not to be cancer and subsequently lived in denial for two years. Finally, by July of 1996, when she could no longer face seeing the skin around the lump on her breast start to pucker and wrinkle anymore, she went to see a surgeon.

Right away the surgeon announced that she had “very advanced breast cancer”, and recommended immediate bilateral mastectomy. The tumor was so large and the skin changes so obvious that he did not need to confirm what he saw in order to know what needed to be done. A biopsy later verified his diagnosis. Gayle walked out of that Doctors office terrified yet on her way to becoming a changed person.

Instead of the recommended double-mastectomy Gayle opted for a lumpectomy and axillary lymph node dissection in order to spare her breast. The surgery revealed that the cancer had spread to 12 axillary lymph nodes, which resulted in the grim prognosis that she had only six months to one year to live and that she needed a stem cell transplant immediately. She chose not to have the stem cell transplant and instead underwent nine months of chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation, and a reduced duration of the prescribed amount of Tamoxifen that Michio Kushi insisted be reduced.

During this time Gayle also fully embraced the macrobiotic approach. In the past she met two individuals who healed their cancers with macrobiotics. She made a mental note that if she ever got cancer she would do the same and so, on the day of her cancer diagnosis, she committed to follow macrobiotics. Gayle switched to eating whole and natural macrobiotic foods and it changed her completely. Her mind became clearer, her body began to heal and everyone said she looked “great”. Now at 54 years old, she is totally cancer free and on no medications at all. While not quite perfect yet Gayle has never felt better in her life, both physically and emotionally. She still, and always will, embrace the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle.

Gayle Stolove is the owner/operator of Wholly Macro in South Florida, which offers private natural lifestyle counseling / consultations specializing in serious health related issues including cancer, compassionate listening, oriental diagnosis, seasonal and green consciousness living and macrobiotics. She also brings her background of 30 plus years as a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Natural Foods Chef to provide a unique and personalized healing service. She speaks publicly on a variety of interesting health related and environmentally friendly topics, conducts private and group cooking classes, offers private catering, natural foods home delivery services, personal chef services, natural foods shopping classes, kitchen organization, special occasion-all natural cakes and desserts, shiatsu massage, specialty health and body care products, and so much more. For additional information to fulfill your every health related need, Gayle can be reached at 954 764-6371, or

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