Rosemary Stark – Pancreatic Cancer and Lupus

Rosemary Stark

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Rosemary Stark - April 5, 2010
Monday, April 5, 2010, 8pm-9pm EST (5pm-6pm PST)
Featured Guest: Rosemary Stark
Hosted by: Phiya Kushi

In a period of 30 years, Rosemary Stark had been hospitalized 21 times. She had a Caldwel-Luc sinus surgery, a hemorhoidectomy, an appendectomy, and had been diagnosed with lupus and was recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. In 1985 she was on 60 milligrams of cortisone a day to control her Lupus and her doctor told her she had only six months to live . After studying macrobiotics for several months Rosemary discovered that she didn’t have to take cortisone and healed herself of Lupus. The following spring her physician diagnosed pancreatic cancer and with the help of Michio Kushi and several macrobiotic friends Rosemary was able to overcome the cancer within a year. Since that time Rosemary has been very active in the macrobiotic community helping many people.

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