Jill Schneider – Cervical Cancer

Jill Schneider

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Jill Schneider - Cervical Cancer
Monday, May 10, 2010, 9pm-10pm EST (6pm-7pm PST)
Featured Guest: Jill Schneider
Hosted by: Phiya Kushi
Website: http://www.circle-of-life.net

In February, 1975, Jill Schneider was diagnosed with malignant cervical cancer. She had no pain or other symptoms, and would not have had any idea that she was sick if the cancer had not shown up on her annual Pap test, which came back from the lab marked “Class Five: conclusive for malignancy.” She received the news from a concerned receptionist at my gynecologist’s office, who told her that she should come in and have another test taken so they could double-check the results. She did, and spent the next few days wondering whether she would die, or ever be able to have children. And then the same results came back.

He described all the options at her disposal, invasive procedures every one, starting with what’s called a conization, in which a cone-shaped section of my cervix would be cut out, hopefully taking all the cancerous tissue along with it. But that might not be enough, he told her. She might still need a hysterectomy – the removal of my cervix and uterus, and perhaps my ovaries as well.

She thought about what my doctor said and became convinced that the line of treatment he outlined was all wrong for her. It seemed painful, complicated, and disharmonious with nature to her.

At the time, Jill was studying Oriental Medicine and her teacher suggested she consult Michio Kushi, macrobiotic authority and founder of the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts. She followed Michio’s advice along with Chinese medicine and in one month her condition began to improve and in three months tests revealed that she was cancer-free. Two and a half years later Jill gave birth to a healthy baby boy and thirty-three years later she continues to be cancer-free and teaches and encourages others to use natural healing methods.

Jill Schneider is Director of Circle of Life Holistic Programs which offers natural detoxification programs by the ocean. Jill can be reached through her website at www.circle-of-life.net