David Briscoe – Schizophrenia

David Briscoe

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David Briscoe - Schizophrenia
Sunday, May 16, 2010, 3pm-4pm EST (12pm-1pm PST)
Featured Guest: David Briscoe
Hosted by: Phiya Kushi
Website: http://www.macroamerica.com/

Many people have heard of macrobiotic healing stories for cancer and other diseases and physical conditions, but macrobiotics has also been healing for emotional, psychological and mental illness as well. David Briscoe’s story is one example.

In 1967, when a senior in high school, and after several years of physical health problems, including three ulcers that caused him to be hospitalized, David was diagnoses by a team of psychiatrists as schizophrenic. His parents were told not to expect too much from him in his future: no children, no relationships, no career, no university diploma. During the next five years he went through private therapy, intense medication, but these only allowed him to maintain a basic existence. In 1972 a friend left a macrobiotic cookbook at David’s door. It changed his whole life. Within a year of starting macrobiotics he was able to discontinue the medication, and year by year his physical health, and finally his mental health was restored.

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