Lori Wyman – Breast Cancer Recovery With Macrobiotics

Lori Wyman

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Lori Wyman - Breast Cancer
Monday, May 31, 2010, 9pm-10pm EST (6pm-7pm PST)
Featured Guest: Lori Wyman
Hosted by: Marisa Marinelli
Website: http://theorganicactor.com/

In 1985 an actor gave Casting Director, Lori Wyman, a book as a thank you gift for casting him in an episode of the Miami Vice television series. That book was “Confessions of a Kamikazee Cowboy” by Dirk Benedict in which he shares about his recovery from prostate cancer with macrobiotics. After reading it she knew that she would one day embrace the macrobiotic lifestyle.

Lori’s eating habits at the time were horrendous: Diet Coke and Hershey’s Kisses for breakfast; Taco Bell for lunch; Tony Romas ribs for dinner – way too much soda and sugar. Yet because she was skinny, she was told that she could eat anything that she wanted to.

Fast forward to July 1998: after a breast self-exam Lori found a lump that would change her life. She showed up on her doctors’ doorstep at 9AM Monday morning demanding that he see her right then and examine her. After too many appointments and running around to mammograms and sonograms, it was determined that she should have a lumpectomy. Many hours later she got the diagnosis: Malignant breast tumor, stage 1, positive estrogen receptors and clear margins. The doctors wanted to give her chemo, radiation AND a double mastectomy-just to be on the safe side. But she had other ideas.

This was her sign from G-d. She knew this was the sign that she was waiting for to turn her life completely over to macrobiotics. Within days she registered for the one week Way To Health program at the Kushi Institute. She went on a healing diet with the help of macrobiotic teacher and counselor, Wendy Esko. She dropped 20 pounds and “squeezed” the cancer right out of her system. She ALSO cleaned out her ovaries and got pregnant at 45 years of age – after being told she was blocked and would never get pregnant. She gave birth to a wonderfully healthy baby girl just 5 months shy of her 46th birthday without any drugs and all natural. Her doctors are amazed that she has maintained her healthy lifestyle. Her breast oncologist checks her once a year, but knows that she won’t take any of his drugs.

Lori blesses the day that actor gave her that book many years ago. That actor, who ultimately saved her life, is the father of her daughter and is her husband for the past 16 years!

Lori shares her macrobiotic story with anyone who will listen including all the actors that she works with. One such actress came into her office with ulcerative colitis about 8 years ago. Lori introduced her to macrobiotics and she did the Way to Health program. The actress ended up living up at the Kushi Institute for 4 months and became completely free of all symptoms without taking any drugs or medications.

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