Alan Gompers – Macrobiotics In Prison

Alan Gompers

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Alan Gompers - Macrobiotic Life in Prison
Sunday, June 13th, 2010, 3pm-4pm EST (12noon-1pm PST)
Featured Guest: Alan Gompers
Hosted by: Phiya Kushi

When Alan was 13 years old, his mother had radical mastectomy surgery for breast cancer. For 5 years, doctors told her they got everything and that there was no sign of cancer. Every moment of those five years she suffered unmercifully until one day she fell ill and died tragically two weeks later, literally riddled with cancer in every part of her body.

Two things died for Alan that fateful day: his beloved mother and his faith in hospitals and doctors. The whole episode scared him so much that he knew, even at that tender age, that he needed to find a better way to health and well being. From that moment on, he became a “seeker,” until one day, upon returning to his cell, while serving a 15-year life prison sentence in a maximum security prison, he found a book lying innocently on his bed called “You Are All Sanpaku,” that would change his life forevermore. It was written by George Ohsawa, the great healer that brought Macrobiotics to the West.

Ohsawa wrote about the horrors of refined sugar, meat and dairy products, and the poisoning of our food and drink with chemicals, pesticides, dyes and preservatives. He lamented the voracious, unconscious consumption of food and drink that has left our culture out of touch with our bodies and our health. The result, he said, is a staggering list of diseases and a dependence on doctors, so-called medical experts, drugs and therapies that have left so many of us powerless and frightened out of our minds. Not knowing how to take care of ourselves, he went on to say, is it any wonder we are afraid?

Ohsawa’s words rang true for Alan. He decided to experiment with Ohsawa’s recommendations. Suddenly he was sleeping deeply at night. He awoke in the morning fully rested, pulsating with energy and enthusiasm. He could not believe how much energy he had and how light and free he felt.

After the first few weeks of eating and living according to what Ohsawa called the “macrobiotic way,” he had more energy, stamina and focus than he’d ever had before in his life. A lifetime of maladies: allergies, joint and muscular pains, mucous in his nose and throat, energy swings, malaise–all miraculously disappeared, and he began to feel a deep connection to his body. It wasn’t something he learned or was taught to him, but a deep experience coming from within himself that he “knew” was true and could trust totally.

He had found a sense of Freedom that he never knew existed and he had found it behind the walls of a maximum security prison.

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